About Mey

I Can’t NOT Design and Bake Cakes!

Mey-Kanur-cakes-by-mey-bespoke-cakes-londonI always loved baking and after closing my chocolate shop (yes, I know that might seem mad. I too, love chocolate!) in 2007 I decided to follow my dream in baking and realised I did have a talent when I was asked to make a novelty backgammon cake.

Having discovered that I had a talent for designing and making cakes I started teaching myself the techniques involved and also attended cupcake and cake decorating courses.

Officially Established

I quickly found that there was a demand for my cakes among friends and family. This demand grew and in 2012, I officially established Cakes by Mey.

I am looking forward to delighting you too with my cakes.

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